2. Okinawa Prefecture-Sponsored Programs

Okinawa Prefecture-Sponsored Programs

In the past two PALMs held in Okinawa, related events took place only on the main island of Okinawa.
In PALM6, the third PALM to be held in Okinawa Prefecture, the leaders of the participating countries will be visiting Miyakojima City on one of the outlying islands of Okinawa.
Below are the welcome and exchange events for the PALM6 sponsored by the Okinawa Prefectural Government.

1. Welcome Ceremony (May 25, Miyakojima City)

The leaders of the participant countries will be greeted passionately at Miyako Airport, the gateway to Miyakojima.

2. Luncheon Hosted by the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture (May 25, Miyakojima City)

Okinawa’s traditional performing arts and cuisine using local ingredients from Miyakojima Island welcome the leaders and government officials of the participant nations, citizens of Pacific island nations involved in technical cooperation, and honored guests.

3. PALM6 Social Exchange / Proposals from the Young PALM (May 25, Miyakojima City)

The social exchange will offer an introduction of Miyakojima to the leaders, and also provide a venue for high school students participating in the Young Pacific Islanders Leaders Meeting (Young PALM) to make proposals to the leaders. The Young PALM is an Okinawa Prefecture-sponsored event focusing on the issues of water and the environment.

4. Introduction to Okinawan Song at the Prime Minister’s Reception (May 26, Nago City)

The reception will be adorned with performances of mainly Okinawan songs by local musical groups.

5. Wives’ Program (May 26, Onna Village)

The disappearance of coral reefs is a problem that affects both Okinawa and the Pacific island nations. To revive the coral reefs, coral cultivation efforts are underway in Okinawa Prefecture.
The first ladies of the participant nations will be asked to join the local school children in writing messages on plates used for coral cultivation. The first ladies will also be visiting the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, which is scheduled to open in September of this year.

6. Farewell (May 26, Naha City)

7. Young Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (Young PALM)

In conjunction with PALM6, the Young PALM will take place for 4 days from May 23 to 26 in Miyakojima, a city with many environmental facilities proclaiming itself an Eco-Island.

Focusing on the environmental issues involving water, the participating high school students will deepen their knowledge through lectures and outdoor learning, engage in discussions, and make proposals to the summit leaders attending the PALM.

The students will also experience attending Miyako High School and other social exchanges to promote mutual understanding, planting the seeds for future friendship between Okinawa Prefecture and the participating countries.

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