Message from the Chairman of the Okinawa Peace Prize Committee

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Reflecting on the two world wars and other conflicts that spanned the 20th century, it is hoped that the new century will instead become one of harmony and coexistence.

However, despite the end of the Cold War, outbreaks of regional conflicts over issues such as religion and ethnicity continue to occur and terrorism has recently become a great threat to all humankind.

Many very serious global-scale issues such as environmental destruction and poverty, all of those threaten peace, also beset us.

In order to resolve these problems and work towards building a world in which we can all peacefully coexist, it is important that we all strive to attain mutual understanding of peoples' different customs and tolerance in accepting diversity.

Okinawa Prefecture erected the "Cornerstone of Peace", at which the names of all of those who perished during the Pacific War's Battle of Okinawa are inscribed, irrespective of their nationality and military or civilian status.

It is now time, as we face this current worldwide upheaval, that the universal love and forbearance of the Okinawan heart that can be found in the Cornerstone of Peace, which is an eternal expression of the preciousness of life, be spread throughout the world.

As one means towards engaging in the continuous struggle for the promotion and maintenance of peace we have established the "Okinawa Peace Prize".

The present committee is striving to attain both national and international recognition of this prize and to make it an asset that future generations of Okinawans can take pride in.

We look forward to your cooperation and understanding in the establishment of the Okinawa Peace Prize.

Denny Tamaki
Governor,Okinawa Prefecture


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