Background and Purpose

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During the Ryukyu Kingdom period, Okinawa was actively linked to many different countries in Asia, it is during this time that the character of the Okinawan people was forged, when diversity was accepted and received, mutual aid wholeheartedly encouraged and the strong desire to create one's own future espoused.

During the Pacific War Okinawa experienced a desperate land battle, in which over 200,000 precious lives were lost as well as valuable and irreplaceable cultural treasures.

The Okinawan people have also suffered under the 27 years of US military administration and are determined not to duplicate the tragedies that war brings. This is why profound respect for peace is felt so strongly here in Okinawa.

Around the world today regional conflicts continue unabated, poverty, refugees, ethnic and religious troubles seem ever-present and overwhelming. To solve such issues, people around the world need to strive for mutual understanding and cooperation.

By establishing and administrating the Okinawa Peace Prize, we hope that we can spread the message of peace throughout Japan as we did at the Kyushu - Okinawa G8 Summit and it is our strong desire to transmit the same message to the rest of the world, which will, we hope, contribute to the promotion of permanent global peace.

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