Okinawa Peace Prize Committee

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Name :Okinawa Peace Prize Committee

Date of establishment :28 December 2001

Purpose :To meet the outline of the "Fundamental Concepts of the Prize" based on these concepts. It is also the committee's aim to manage and implement the "Okinawa Peace Prize"once it has been established.

Project :In order to achieve the above purpose, the committee conducts the following projects, 

  1. Selecting the candidates for the "Okinawa Peace Prize"
  2. Holding the "Okinawa Peace Prize"ceremony;planning and implementing related projects
  3. Running publicity and developmental projects related to the "Okinawa Peace Prize"
  4. Conducting any other projects that are essential for achieving the purpose of this committee.

Organizations :This committee is composed of various economic, educational, administrative, media communication organizations and companies within Okinawa Prefecture.

illust:Okinawa Peace Prize logo

This logo symbolizes ”an eye that looks at the world” with “ripples of peace”that spread forever and “flapping wings” that will enable the Okinawa Peace Prize the fly into a peaceful and hopeful future.

It expresses Okinawa’s history, tradition and culture and transmits the spirit of Okinawa that longs for peace to the whole world.The joining of the letters KI of OKINAWA, EA of PEACE and RI of PRIZE together expresses the hope that people of the world will join hands and wish for permanent peace.Designed by:Yuichi Yamaguchi (symbol mark), Yasutake Miyagi ( logotype and basic design)

illust:Okinawa Peace Prize logo


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