Okinawa Aviation Industry Cluster

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Since the demand for aircraft maintenance in Asia is expected to expand 2 times in the next 10 years, we constructed an aircraft maintenance hunger at Naha Airport in OCT 2019.

We consider that it is possible to develop MRO aviation industries by capturing the Asian demands of aircraft maintenance, by Okinawa’s strengths, such as 1) Proximity to Asia, 2) Abundant air demand for Naha Airport and 3) Existence of international logistics hub function etc.

In the future, we will advance the attract of related companies such as Aircraft component’s MRO or Parts centers etc., and human resource development engaged in aviation related industries so that we will develop Okinawa aviation cluster centered on the aircraft maintenance business, which is the first in Japan.

Okinawa Aviation Industry Cluster

1. Summary of Okinawa Aviation Industry Cluster

In general, a cluster is a state in which companies, universities, research institutes, etc. gather and create new added value and technological innovation through mutual cooperation.

In advanced MRO countries such as Europe, Singapore and Malaysia, in order to develop the aviation industry, it is necessary to interact with business groups in the cluster, related education, research institutes, and industrial organizations.

As the environment surrounding MRO is becoming more competitive, we made an action plan which has clarified the direction of measures in order to take active and prompt efforts to form an aviation-related industry cluster.

From now on, various demands are expected such as maintenance of aircraft’s components and engines, storage and delivery of parts, consulting for maintenance, human resource development engaged in aviation industries, etc.

In order to capture such domestic and international demands, Okinawa Prefecture will work on human resource development, securing of land, and attract of companies based on this action plan.

Example of collaboration with existing industry


Image of Okinawa aviation industry cluster


2. Outline of aircraft maintenance facilities

Size of facilities

  • Areas of site: 29,000 square meters (including a parking lot)
  • Width of building: 190 meters
  • Height of building: 33.5 meters
  • Depth of building: 100 meters
  • Areas of floor: 17,800 square meters




  • Dock for wide body:1 wide body / B767 , B777 , B787
    (Painting of aircraft is also possible)

  • Dock for narrow body:3 narrow body / B737 , A320 , DHC-8-400


To develop Aviation industry cluster

Registration system of Aviation industry cluster

We will operate registration system of aviation industry cluster for the purpose of grasping the companies which is already located or interested in Okinawa and promoting continuous information for attract aviation related companies, etc.


Recruitment of cluster members

Application method

Please fill out the follwing form and send it to the e-mail address described in the form.

Contents of activity


  • Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor
    Okinawa Prefectural Government, Japan
    1-2-2 Izumizaki, Naha, Okinawa 900-8570, Japan
  • Phone: +81-98-866-2770
  • ファクス: +81-98-866-2846
  • Eメール


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