Okinawa Prefecture's Peace and Anti-Nuclear Weapons Declaration

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War indiscriminately destroys
all life
The last ground battle of the Pacific War was fought here
on this land, Okinawa
Towns and villages burned
Two hundred thousand lives were decimated
An ancient cultural heritage was lost
and the land was scarred
These wounds have not yet healed
War, this tragedy as our foundation
We Plead to the people of the world
to abandon all nuclear weapons
to stop every war
to replace weapons with dialogue
And through love and trust
make Earth a peaceful, green planet
We, the people of Okinawa
under the slogan "Brothers at First Meeting"
wish to make this land a bridge between nations
In a sincere desire for everlasting world peace
we call out this declaration
for a peaceful, nuclear-free Okinawa Prefecture
June 23, 1995
Okinawa Prefecture


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