Shimojijima Airport

Airport Profile

Both prior to and after 1965 demand for airports skyrocketed globally as the jet airplane era began. Although fostering pipe pilots an urgent national issue, they were obliged to be trained in the U.S.A. due to the absence of a domestic training airport.
Reflecting such circumstances and airline demands, Administrative Inspection Advice was given in 1965 and a Council for Civil Aviation Verdict (report) was held in October 1966. Based on these, the Ministry of Transportation decided to promote training airports all over Japan.
Shimoji-jima Airport was initially constructed as a private airport in July 1973, but became a type-3 public airport in May 1979. The airport resumed service in July 1979 and airlines launched comprehensive pilot training programs from November 1980. Although Southwest Airlines initiated regularly scheduled flights by YS11 aircraft from November of the same year, it was obliged to discontinue regular operations in July 1994 due to low demand.

Specifics of the Airport

Item Description
Classification Local airport
Administrative body Government of Okinawa prefecture
Location Miyakojima-city,Okinawa Prefecture
Reference point 24049'36"N, 125008'41"E
Elevation 7.58m
Site area 3,615,000m2
Runway strip length:3,120m width:300m Class A
Runway length:3,000m width:60m N14030'02"
Taxiway length:3,880m width:30m
Apron 129,200m2, 5berths for large-sized jets,and 1berth for middle-sized jets
Lighting facilities ABN,ALS,PAPI,REDL,RCLL,RTZL,TEDL,WDIL.etc.
Aeronautical aid facilities VOR/DME,ILS,ASR,SSR
Servicehours 08:00through19:30(11hr 30min)


1973/ 7/31 Permission for the establishment of Shimojishima Training Airport was granted (for non-public purpose)(runway 3,000m body of establishment:Government of Okinawa Prefecture)
1979/ 5/31 Permission for the establishment of Shimojishima Airport was granted (runway 3,000m body of establishment:Government of Okinawa Prefecture)
1979/ 7/ 5 Commercial services commenced (runway 3,000m)
1979/ 7/24 Appointed as Third class airport by Cabinet Ordinance
1980/11/ 1 Operation of regular flights of South West-Airline for Naha commenced.
1993/ 8/19 Permission for Alteration(expansion of apron)
1994/ 7/22 Operation of regular flights was suspended.
1995/ 6/22 Services of altered facilities (apron expansion) started.
2008/ 6/18 Appointed as Local airport by Cabinet Ordinance



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