New Ishigaki Airport

Airport Profile

New Ishigaki airport(Sin Ishigaki airport) that located east of the Ishigaki Island was resumed service in March 7th. 2013. In response to demand to increase aircraft capacity, the former airport was moved to a jet airport with a 2,000m-long runway.

Specifics of the Airport

Item Description
Classification Local airport
Administration Government of Okinawa prefecture
Location Ishigaki-City,Okinawa Prefecture
Reference point 2423' 47" N, 12414' 42" E
Elevation 31.0m
Site area 1,419,615m2
Runway strip length:2,120m width:300m , Class C
Runway length:2,000m width:45m N3552' 19"
Taxiway length:2,318m, width:23-30m
Apron 75,145m2, 3 berths for middle-sized jets and 4 berths for small-sized jets and 1 berth for propeller-type
Lighting facilities ABN,ALS,PAPI,REDL,RCLL,TEDL,WDIL,RTZL,etc.
Aeronautical aid facilities VOR/DME, ILS
Servicehours 08:00through21:00(13hours)


2005/12/19 Permission for the establishment of Sin-Ishigaki Airport was issued.(Runway 2,000m, body of establishment:Government of Okinawa Prefecture)
2013/ 3/ 7 Commencement of Use


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