Kumejima Airport

Airport Profile

The construction of Kumejima airport was funded by the USCAR (United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands) and was completed in July 1963. Private companies began services in January 1965. The runway was improved and services with YS11 aircraft began in December 1968.
Repairs to the airport began in 1972 in order to comply with Aviation law standards. Services were resumed with a 1,200m runway in April 1977. In response to passenger demand to increase aircraft capacity, the airport was upgraded to a jet airport with a 2,000m runway and resumed service in July 1997.

Specifics of the Airport

Item Description
Classification Local airport
Administrative body Government of Okinawa Prefecture
Location Simajiri-gun,Kumejima-cyo,Okinawa Prefecture
Reference point 26021'49"ém , 126042'50"E
Elevation 6.91m
Site area 622,888m2
Runway strip length:2,120m width:150m , Class C
Runway length:2,000m width:45m N21010'29"
Taxiway length:112.5m width:30m
Apron 19,800m2 , 3berths formiddle-sized jets
Lighting facilities ABN,PAPI,REDL,RWYTIL,RCLL,TEDL,WDIL,etc.
Aeronautical aid facilities VORTAC,LLZ,T-DME
Servicehours 08:00 through 19:30(11.5hours)


1963/ 7/ 1 Constructed as Kumejima Airfield.
1965/ 1/28 Operation of civil aviation started.
1972/11/14 Notice for current status report on the Kumejima airfield was issued(Runway length 1,220m)
1973/ 1/25 Permission for the establishment of Kumejima Airport was granted (runway 1,200m)
1973/ 2/27 Appointed as Third class airport by Cabinet Ordinance
1977/ 4/ 1 Commercial services commenced (runway 1,200m)
1990/ 8/30 Permission for Alteration (Runway length 2,000m)
1997/ 7/18 Commencement of Use (Runway length 2,000m)
1997/12/ 4 Commencement of Use (Apron:3berths formiddle-sized jets)
2008/ 6/18 Appointed as Local airport by Cabinet Ordinance



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