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Pref. Symbol Fig. Prefectural Symbol

The outer circle of this symbol represents the ocean. The white circle symbolizes a peace-loving Okinawa and the inner circle symbolizes a globally developing Okinawa. In short, the mark symbolizes "Ocean" "Peace" and "Development."
It was decided on the symbol of okinawa prefectural in 1972.

Prefectural flower: Deigo (Indian coral bean)
Erythrina Orientalis Murray

The Deigo tree, originally from India, belongs to the pulse family. During the period between March and May, the bright red flowers bloom in clusters along the length of the spray, to the very end of the branches.

The bright red flower is very appropriate as the symbol of the southern islands that make up Okinawa, and its beauty plays an important role in promoting tourism.

Furthermore, the Deigo tree has a high financial value as its trunk section is used as a material in traditional Ryukyuan lacquerware.

These factors were the reason for it being chosen as the symbol of Okinawa Prefecture in 1972.

Flower : Deigo Photo
tree : Ryukyu-Matsu Photo Prefectural tree: Ryukyu Matsu (Ryukyu Pine)
Pinus Luchuensis Mayr

A full-grown Ryukyu Pine can reach a height of 15 meters. As the years go by, tree crowns spread and the tree shows gracefully-shaped branches. It is often planted along roadsides, and is widely used in bonsai, and in windbreaks, and is very easy to propagate.

The old Ryukyu Government declared the Ryukyu Pine as a prefectural tree on February 7th, 1966 and after the reversion of Okinawa to Japan, the Okinawa Prefectural Government chose the Ryukyu Pine as its prefectural tree on October. 26th, 1972.

Prefectural bird: Okinawan woodpecker (Pryers' woodpecker or noguchi gera)
Sapheopipo Noguchii (Seebohm)

This is a globally rare species of only one genus which exists exclusively in the northern part of Okinawa Island. It has been designated as a natural treasure of Japan.

This species was discovered by a British man in 1886, and was first introduced to people two years later.

In 1955, it was designated as a natural treasure by the now outdated Ryukyu Government, and on May 9th, 1970, it became the prefectural bird.

The Okinawa Prefectural Government decided to declare the noguchi gera as prefectural bird on October 26th, 1972.

bird : Noguchi Gera Photo
fish : Gurukun Photo Prefectural fish: Banana Fish (Takasago, locally known as Gurukun)
Caesio diagramma

This is a vividly colored, and beautiful fish which is familiar to all Okinawan people. It inhabits the seas from around Okinawa Island to the Indian Ocean. It is easily caught throughout the year by being driven into nets, in one of the original ways of fishing found in Okinawa. It is one of the few popular fishes found in Okinawa which is often served in people's homes. In addition, this fish serves as a raw material for kamaboko (fish cake).

Prefectural People's Song

Poem by: Seiko Miyasato
Composed by: Shigeru Shiroma
  1. The day breaks over the clean ocean
    Clouds are cleared over the peaceful islands
    Dawn bell sounds throughout the world
    We now face the glorious morning
    Gone are the days of trials
    Oh! We solemnly swear
    We swear eternal peace on Okinawa

  2. The Black Current runs around the islands
    Green mountains and rivers glowing
    We, the fellow citizens are stirred up
    To build a new, independent and prosperous Okinawa
    Now, let us build eternal peace
    On our home islands

  3. The skies are filled with lights
    Stain the Deigo flowers with brilliant color
    The folk culture inherited for generations
    Now brilliantly shines over our home islands
    Let us create our own culture
    For future Okinawa
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