Outline of Okinawa Prefecture

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Okinawa Prefecture, Japan's southwesternmost prefecture, consists of 49 inhabited and 110 uninhabited islands scattered over an area 1,000 from east to west and 400km from north to south. The islands are divided into three major groups : the Okinawa island group, the Miyako island group, and the Yaeyama island group.Okinawa island is by far the largest, followed in turn by Iriomote island , Isigaki island and Miyako island.

Okinawa Prefecture is located between Kyusyu and Taiwan.Major Asian cities such as Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Manila and Tokyo are all located within a 1,500km radius of Okinawa.because of its close proximity to the major Asian cities, Okinawa represents the southern gate to China, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

With this geographic advantage, Okinawa engaged in a prosperous overseas trade with China and Southeast Asian countries during fourteenth and sixteenth century. Okinawa established its unique cultural characteristics through overseas trade and these characteristics seen in it's textiles ,lacquerware , potteries , performing arts and customs.

Okinawa Prefecture is Japan's only subtropical climate within 24N to 28N latitude, and has an average temperature of 23 degree. We are blessed with beautiful natural surroundings , emerald green seas , precious wildlife such as

the Iriomote wild cat and the Okinawan woodpecker, and

seasonal plants.

Many tourists from mainland Japan, Taiwan and Korea visit Okinawa, which has recently become known as an international resort , famous for its natural environment and unique culture.

Okinawa Prefecture is developing Japan's southernmost foothold in Asia by taking advantage of its geographic and historical advantages and promoting economic cultural and international educational exchange with neighboring Asian and Oceanic countries.

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